Continuous traffic monitoring systems from a higher altitude
gives a very precise and accurate monitoring of the vehicles.
With a high definition and larger zooming capability vehicle
tracking and surveying would be much easier. With an overall
view of the region traffic jams could be reduced and accidents
could be avoided. With Birds eye view of accidents, vehicle
breakdowns, construction failures etc., it would be much easier
to re-route the traffic to convenient routes.

Current Scenario

With the current traffic monitoring system it is difficult to monitor multiple units at once. Difficult to handle accidents at multiple points in the same vicinity. There are blind spots due to the constraint of solid fixture/ mounting structures of cameras. One personnel cannot have a 360 image in one view.

  • Unidirectional monitoring.
  • Multiple units needed.
  • Multiple images are difficult to monitor.
  • Blind spots between cameras and structure.

The Drone Solution

With higher altitude it is possible to monitor a larger area of traffic especially during jams and accidents or breakdowns. WIth powerful cameras you can zoom to capture the vehicle registration numbers if required. While regular fixed cameras give normal traffic feeds and in case of blocks power tether drones can be deployed within minutes and help in decongesting traffic in quick time. Same solution is best suited during a VVIP convoy.