Drone Tether Kit: Featherlight Series

Air scout-1 tether drone

The Feather-Light series Drone tether kit(Low power) revolutionizes unmanned aerial systems with instant low and high current alarms for real-time alerts. Detailed power consumption data ensures efficient energy management, while redundancy and power switching guarantee uninterrupted functionality. Weighing a mere 600g, the aerial unit lives up to its name, providing swift installation through a user-friendly swap mechanism. Experience unparalleled performance and convenience with the Feather-Light series, setting a new standard in aerial missions.

Key Specifications of Drone Tether Kit: Featherlight Series

  • Tether cable weight : 18 g/m*
  • Tether length : 30m – 250m
  • Output voltage : 24v or 48v(6s and 12s)
  • Output Power : 3kW
  • Input Power : Single phase 240V AC 4KW
  • Winching mechanism : motorised winding
  • Communication : NA
  • Weight : 12kg
  • Dimension : 550x410x330mm*

Basic Features

  • Low and High current Alarm
  • Power Consumption Data
  • Redundancy and Priority Switching(Tether/Battery)
  • Tether Failure Indication GCS
Air scout-1 tether drone
The Priority Switching in Case of Tether Failure further underscores the reliability of our drone tether kit (low power). This automatic switch ensures that your drone remains airborne, mitigating the impact of unexpected tether issues.

The Swift Swap Drone Mount is designed for efficiency in the field. This user-friendly feature facilitates quick and hassle-free drone swaps, reducing turnaround time between missions.

Key Specifications

  • Output voltage : 24v or 48v(6s and 12s)
  • Output Power : 700W and 1.6kW
  • Weight : 650g
  • Dimension : 135x125x65mm*

Basic Features

  • Priority Switching in case of Tether Failure
  • Swift Swap Drone Mount
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