About Us


Angulair is a start-up working towards engineering solutions to prevailing problems with an innovative approach. Angulair develops and customizes drones for special use cases like Surveillance, Paint spray, and Agricultural spray. Angulair has developed state of the art power tethering solutions which enables drones to endure 8 to 10 hours and provides greater competitive advantage. Endurance is key to accomplish any complex work using drones and our power tethering solution serves as the base on all our products. Power tethering solutions are modular and can be fitted to exist drone models with minor tweaks

Our Mission

We strive to develop advanced, long endurance, and autonomous “Drones for Work”.

Our Vision

Develop a first of its kind generic hardware/software platform for “Drones for Work”.

Our Experience

One of the few companies in India to develop long endurance multi rotor drones through modular power tether technology. Happy customers in India and in Europe.