Drone Tether Kit : Fully loaded Series

Air scout-1 tether drone

Introducing our cutting-edge Drone tether kit (High Power) – the pinnacle of innovation within the fully loaded series. This advanced kit revolutionizes drone operations with a host of features designed to elevate performance and reliability. The Drone tether kit (High Power) is equipped with Low and High Current Alarms, ensuring you stay informed about power levels for seamless, uninterrupted operations. Redundancy and Priority Switching between Tether and Battery power sources adds an extra layer of security, guaranteeing continuous functionality even in challenging conditions.
Tether Failure Indication on the Ground Control Station (GCS) provides real-time alerts, allowing operators to respond promptly and maintain control. The Cable Length Reeled Out Data feature keeps you informed about the extension, ensuring optimal usage during various scenarios.

Key Specifications of Drone Tether Kit: Fully loaded Series

  • Tether cable weight: 26 g/m*
  • Tether length : 30m – 250m
  • Output voltage : 24v or 48v(6s and 12s)
  • Output Power : Up to 6kW
  • Input Power : Single phase 240V AC 6KW
  • Winching mechanism: Tension based auto winching, Manual winching, and Emergency reset
  • Communication : OFC(Controls drone, payload and camera data)
  • Weight : 22kg
  • Dimension : 550x450x380mm

Basic Features

  • Low and High current Alarm
  • Redundancy and Priority Switching(Tether/Battery)
  • Tether Failure Indication GCS
  • Cable Length Reeled out Data
  • Automatic winching system
  • Power consumption data from the aerial unit to Flight controller
  • One-Press Ascend to Descend with Altitude set
Air scout-1 tether drone

Key Specifications

  • Output voltage : 24v or 48v(6s and 12s)
  • Output Power : 3kW, 4.5kW, 6kW
  • Weight : 900g – 1200g
  • Dimension : 315x140x80mm

Basic Features

  • Priority Switching incase of Tether Failure
  • Swift Swap Drone mount
  • Media converter
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