Drones could be the future of the fire fighting ecosystem.
Drones can be used to detect people, animals and other
valuables when there is a fire break and can reach places
where human intervention is not possible. Drones can
themselves be made capable of extinguishing the fire with
continuous water spray or fire quenching mediums.

Along with the above mentioned features the drones are capable
of detecting high temperature areas thereby reducing risks of fire
fighters entering into high risk hazardous regions.

Existing Scenario

Ground inspection will be difficult during a large fire break. Extreme temperatures cannot be detected from a distance. A top view of the vicinity is not available from every direction. Areas sometimes cannot be reached by on ground personnel.

  • Visual inspection challenges.
  • Thermal detection is difficult.
  • Difficult to view from top.
  • Unreachable areas.

The Drone Solution

Easy to get a birds eye view from all directions with ultra zooming capability. With thermal imaging it is easy to detect temperature differences. Hot spots in high rise buildings can be easily monitored with drones. An overall monitoring of a large area is possible in case the fire is large, for example ( Forest fires or farm fires ).