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Air scout-1 tether drone


Our state of the art high endurance drones can operate for a prolonged period of time without having the hassle of charging or replacing the batteries. It provides secure communication and can reach altitudes of up to 100m. Our customized solutions can lift Payloads up to 5 Kgs. With longer flight time and lesser control challenges our range of drones are suitable for long running operations. Our drones can cater to Surveillance, Agriculture, Painting and similar applications.

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Mobile Repeaters

Traffic Monitoring

Fire Fighting


Who We Are

ISPAGRO Robotics is a start-up working towards engineering solutions to prevailing problems with an innovative approach. We are currently developing drones for addressing problems in the agricultural industry, with unique and original designs that could be applied to other sectors as well such as defence, inspection and maintenance, firefighting etc. For more information on the applications of our technology in other sectors, please see the industries section. ANGULAIR is the registered brand name of ISPAGRO Robotics.

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