Mobile repeaters for seamless communication in rough
terrains and remote areas where there is low reception or
communication disturbance. Multiple drones can be employed
for a large area for overall coverage. With higher altitude and
longer run time, this could be the perfect solution for mobile
repeaters operations. Applicable for Law enforcement convoys,
Defense patrol, Media Coverage, Institutional projects, etc.

Existing Technology

Portable telescoping towers are a commonly used solution. With long-distance travel, communication will have disturbances. May not be efficient in all terrains, especially in low-lying valleys/ regions, forest areas, etc. Construction of temporary towers for higher altitudes takes time.

  • Heavy stationary unit
  • Short range
  • Low altitude
  • Long setup time
  • Resource intense
mobile repeaters tether drone solution
mobile repeaters tether drone solution

The Drone Solution

Long endurance, modularity and high altitude plays a key role in extending the communication range in rough terrains. Tethered drones(AS-I & AS-II) fitted with powerful and readily available repeaters outclasses existing solutions. The modularity of the power tether drone allows you to deploy the solution within 10 mins and almost automatically by click of a button. You need a lot less space and can almost be deployed in complex terrains too.




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