Drone surveillance is achieving popularity due to the
large coverage area and the birds eye view of the given turf.
With high resolution cameras and features like 30x Zoom,
Night vision, Thermal imaging etc it makes it the most suitable
surveillance tool. Drone surveillance has prominence in event
monitoring, Border Monitoring, Perimeter Surveillance,
Sports event coverage, Forest fire coverage, Wildlife monitoring
and research etc.

Existing system

Cameras are positioned at different point for a overall visibility of the vicinity, Multiple Cameras need to be installed if the area is large. There will be blind spots between the cameras. In case of event monitoring and capture some crucial moments or events might be missed out due to a large ground or distance of coverage.

  • Multiple cameras needed.
  • Wide visibility challenges.
  • Blind spots.
  • Small area coverage.

The Drone Solution

The whole event can be covered from the top and since the area covered one Drone would be sufficient. With long running hours the whole event can be captured without the need of human counterparts monitoring the view points. With the required altitude the whole perimeter can be monitored at one go.