Air Scout - 1

A State of the Art surveillance drone capable of
continuous flight of 8 hours at an altitude of 100m
with high definition Night vision, thermal images,
RGB and 30x Zoom Capabilities.


AS-1” can play a crucial role in air support, survelliance, movement tracking and much more for border forces. They also negate the blind spots that are usually present at ground level with enforcement personnel.


Overall coverage of any public events from a birds eye view covering detailed images and providing live video feed with high resolution 30x zoom Cameras.


Perimeter Surveillance from drones is more advantageous than mounted cameras as larger areas can be covered and detection becomes easier when there are a large number of objects. Best suited in Mining eco systems, Forest wildlife management, Oil spills, Vegetation monitoring and analysis, Intruder detection etc.


A higher altitude surveillance of an industry gives you an overall picture of the functioning of the industrial premises. Inspection of Industrial Accidents and general survey of operations.

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Our state of the art high endurance drones can operate for a prolonged period of time without having the hassle of charging or replacing the batteries. It provides secure communication and can reach altitudes of up to 100m. Our customized solutions can lift Payloads up to 5 Kgs. With longer flight time and lesser control challenges our range of drones are suitable for long running operations. Our drones can cater to Surveillance, Agriculture, Painting and similar applications.

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  Product Features  


Flight time of up to 8 hours at a stretch and 24/7 operation with small cooling time.


Redundant battery bank as a backup for main power supply failure.

Secure communication

Communication through optic fiber is faster and more reliable. It also resists electrical/ magnetic interference and it cannot be hacked remotely.


Customizable to lift payloads up to 5 Kgs. at 100 m.

Single button launch

Launch and Land with just a press of a button for ease of operation.

OFC based control

Optic fiber based wired control for secure connectivity and faster response.


Design specific up to 100 meters of altitude.

Detection range

Observation and detection of objects up to 2 km range.

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